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Dog-friendly restaurants and beer gardens in Boston

Dog Lovers Rejoice: 33 Dog-Friendly Restaurants and Beer Gardens in Boston

The dog days of summer are going strong and what better way to enjoy the season than with a cold brew? Better yet, enjoy that cold brew with man’s best friend by your side! Better yet, wash down a burger, with that cold brew, with man’s best friend by your side! Well, you can do all three now that dog-friendly dining (and imbibing) is official in Boston.


Dog-Friendly Restaurants and Beer Gardens

The City of Boston announced a new policy that restaurants and beer gardens can have dog-friendly spaces to allow your pooch the chance to dine with you at your favorite pub.

While the policy was official as of June 2023, we know that Boston breweries have been dog friendly for years, but we love a good list, so here’s a list of 33 dog-friendly restaurant patios, taprooms and beer gardens that have been approved by the city:

1. 75 Chestnut (Beacon Hill)

Nestled in Boston’s charming Beacon Hill, 75 Chestnut radiates warmth and coziness. Whipping up sumptuous fare like lobster bisque, grilled salmon, and iconic New England clam chowder, they’ve got your cravings covered. Bring your furry amigo along as they also boast a delightful dog-friendly patio for shared meal times.

Location: 75 Chestnut Street, Boston, MA | View Website

2. 75 on Liberty Wharf

Right in the heart of the lively Seaport district of Boston, you’ll find 75 on Liberty Wharf, a stylishly upbeat eatery. Their menu is a tantalizing mix of lobster rolls, zesty fish tacos, and juicy burgers. Swing by their beer garden for a laidback rendezvous over a chilled beer.

Location: 75 Liberty Wharf, Seaport, Boston, MA | View Website

3. Aeronaut Brewery (Allston)

For those with a palate for craft beers, Aeronaut Brewery in Allston is an absolute haven. Serving a diverse blend of unconventional brews, they celebrate the art of beer making. Bask in the summer sun at their splendid beer garden and if you’re a dog parent, rejoice!

“We’re thrilled to bring our furry friends back to the beer garden, and there’s the beloved Wall of Woof doggy photo display to look forward to,” says the Aeronaut Brewery team.

Location: 267 Western Avenue, Boston, MA | View Website

4. Bar Mezzana (South End)

In the heart of South End, Bar Mezzana jazzes up Boston’s dining scene with impeccable Italian fare and a dash of modern flair. What’s on the menu, you ask? Think homemade pasta, pizzas straight from a wood-fired oven, and incredibly fresh seafood. The chic ambiance paired with their culinary delights promises a memorable night out.

Location: 360 Harrison Avenue, Boston, MA | View Website

5. Bell in Hand Tavern (Downtown)

Step into history at Bell in Hand, nestled in downtown Boston and claiming to be America’s oldest tavern! Serving up timeless pub favorites like burgers, sandwiches, and a distinct Fish & Chips, the tavern pulsates with a vibrant vibe. Loved by locals and tourists alike, it’s the camaraderie and cheerful staff that makes it a crowd-pleaser.

Location: 45 Union Street, Boston, MA | View Website

6. Castle Island Brewing (South Boston)

Bud and froth lovers, heed this call – Castle Island Brewing in South Boston is your craft beer utopia. Expect a lineup of beers with unique and intriguing flavors, all to be savored in the canine-friendly taproom that exudes casual comfort.

Location: 31 Astor Avenue, Boston, MA | View Website

7. Cisco Beer Garden (Seaport)

If a chilled pint amid a lively atmosphere is what you’re after, Cisco Beer Garden in the Seaport district is your answer. This vibrant spot serves a range of craft beers on tap, enjoyed best outdoors under Boston’s sunny skies. 

Location: 65 Northern Avenue, Boston, MA | View Website

8. Dbar (Dorchester)

Seamlessly blending chic design with a diverse cuisine selection, Dbar in Dorchester undoubtedly enhances Boston’s gastronomic scene. Their tempting dishes, including the lavish truffle fries, delectable lobster mac and cheese, and crispy duck confit, are sure to satiate your taste buds.

Location: 1236 Dorchester Avenue, Boston, MA | View Website

9. Distraction Brewing (Roslindale)

Want your beer with a local twist? Head over to Distraction Brewing in Roslindale. They specialize in consciously crafted small-batch beers, each as unique as the last. While they may not have a designated space for furry patrons, the taproom buzzes with a relaxed and welcoming ambiance for humans to savor their offerings.

Location: 2 Belgrade Avenue, Boston, MA | View Website

10. Dorchester Brewing (Dorchester)

Beer aficionados, take note – Dorchester Brewing in Dorchester stands out with an impressive selection of craft beers on tap. While they may not cater to four-legged companions, their roomy taproom bustles with a lively ambiance, making it an excellent spot for sipping froths with friends.

Location: 1250 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston, MA | View Website

11. Dovetail (Charlestown)

For neighborhood charm and a diverse menu, look no further than Dovetail in Charlestown. Among their enticing offerings, you’ll find dishes like crispy Brussels sprouts, flavorful grilled salmon, and succulent braised short ribs.

Location: 10 W School Street, Boston, MA | View Website

12. Fairmont Copley: Oak Long Bar + Kitchen (Back Bay)

Situated in the sophisticated Back Bay neighborhood, Fairmont Copley: Oak Long Bar + Kitchen elevates the dining experience with modern American cuisine served in plush surroundings. Feast on their lobster rolls, steak frites, or roasted chicken while soaking in the refined ambiance.

Location: 138 St James Avenue, Boston, MA | View Website

13. Koji Club (Brighton)

Koji Club in Brighton breaks the culinary mold with its trendy Asian fusion offerings. Savor the merge of Japanese and Korean flavors with dishes ranging from succulent sushi rolls and bibimbap to flavorsome Korean fried chicken. Its modern, stylish interior frames the perfect setting for a delightful dining experience.

Location: 485 Cambridge Street, Boston, MA | View Website

14. Long Live Roxbury Tap Room (Roxbury)

If you’re chasing distinctive brews, Long Live Roxbury Tap Room is your go-to spot. They specialize in small-batch craft beers marked by their singular taste profiles. The taproom’s snug and laid-back ambiance makes it an ideal place for a tranquil drink with your dog.

Location: 65 Heath Street, Boston, MA | View Website

15. Lucie (Back Bay)

Transport yourself to a charming French bistro at Lucie in Back Bay. Their menu, inspired by classic French cuisine, features enticing dishes like delectable escargots, sumptuous coq au vin, and decadent crème brulée. The quaint and intimate interior crafts a perfect setting for a romantic dinner.

Location: 225 Newbury Street, Boston, MA | View Website

16. Monument Tavern (Charlestown)

Tap into a relaxed vibe at Monument Tavern in Charlestown. Enjoy classic pub delights like juicy burgers, hearty sandwiches, and sizzling wings amidst a friendly and laid-back setting. While it’s not a furry-friendly joint, it’s undoubtedly a popular spot to unwind with friends over drinks.

Location: 251 Main Street, Boston, MA | View Website

17. Moonshine (South Boston)

Set the stage for a vibrant night out at Moonshine in South Boston. Their varied menu, featuring tacos, burgers, and sumptuous seafood, comes together with their energetic ambiance and live music to offer a truly lively dining experience. The dynamic, dog-friendly setting makes it a hotspot for a thrilling evening.

Location: 152 Dorchester Avenue, Boston, MA | View Website

18. Night Shift Brewing (Esplanade and Allston)

Night Shift Brewing operates in two locations – Esplanade and Allston. The Esplanade outlet, nestled at 1 Lovejoy Wharf, boasts a beer garden where you can relish their craft beers and seasonal concoctions with your canine. The Allston branch at 87 Santilli Hwy features a taproom for you to sample their intriguing brews. View Website

19. Notch Brewery (Brighton)

Beloved by beer connoisseurs, Notch Brewery in Brighton specializes in European-style session beers that impress. The expansive taproom casts a convivial atmosphere for experiencing their unique brews with friends.

Location: 283R Derby Street, Boston, MA | View Website

20. Oak Long Bar + Kitchen (Back Bay)

Providing an upscale dining experience, Oak Long Bar + Kitchen serves palate-pleasing dishes like succulent lobster rolls, crisp steak frites, and mouthwatering roasted chicken. Its sophisticated ambiance and delectable food set the stage for memorable special occasions.

Location: 138 St James Avenue, Boston, MA | View Website

21. Precinct Kitchen + Bar (Back Bay)

Located in the Back Bay neighborhood, Precinct Kitchen + Bar is a stylish restaurant serving a menu that marries classic American dishes with exciting twists. With offerings spanning from juicy burgers, enticing sandwiches to fresh seafood and refreshing salads, there’s something to satisfy every palate. 

Location: 154 Berkeley Street, Boston, MA | View Website

22. Precinct Kitchen and Bar (Hotel AKA)

Housed within Hotel AKA in the Back Bay neighborhood, Precinct Kitchen and Bar offers a diverse food scene featuring lavish dishes like creamy lobster bisque, tender steak tips, and classic fish and chips. Yum!

Location: 110 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA | View Website

23. Roundhead Brewing (Hyde Park)

Tucked in Hyde Park, Roundhead Brewing shines as a local brewery that specializes in small-batch craft beers infused with distinctive flavors. The dog-friendly patio offers a relaxed atmosphere where patrons can leisurely savor their brews with their pooch.

Location: 13 Railroad Street, Boston, MA | View Website

24. Salty Pig (Back Bay)

In the heart of the Back Bay neighborhood sits Salty Pig, a popular eatery known for its carefully curated charcuterie and artisanal pizzas. Their menu boasts an array of cured meats, cheeses, and house-made pickles, as well as an array of imaginative pizzas dressed with unique toppings. Dine al fresco with Fido at their dog-friendly outdoor area.

Location: 130 Dartmouth Street, Boston, MA | View Website

25. Shy Bird (South Boston)

Nestled in South Boston, Shy Bird is a cozy restaurant spotlighting rotisserie chicken, complemented by a variety of flavorful sides and vibrant salads — all to be enjoyed with your best bud on the dog-friendly patio.

Location: 1 Westinghouse Plaza, Boston, MA | View Website

26. SRV (South End)

Situated in the South End, SRV is a posh Italian restaurant that impresses with its Venetian-inspired cuisine. Indulge in dishes like cicchetti (small plates), delectable pasta, and fresh seafood. The sophisticated and modern environment conjures a stunning ambiance for a memorable night out.

Location: 569 Columbus Avenue, Boston, MA | View Website

27. Stats Bar & Grill (South Boston)

A go-to spot in South Boston, Stats Bar & Grill is a celebrated sports bar serving a classic array of bar foods such as juicy burgers, crispy wings, and loaded nachos, combined with a substantial selection of beers on tap. Teir upbeat atmosphere and abundant TVs make it an excellent locale to cheer on your favorite team with friends, two- and four-legged alike.

Location: 77 Dorchester Street, Boston, MA | View Website

28. Super Bien (Brighton)

Super Bien nestled in Brighton, beams as a pulsating Latin American restaurant celebrating the flavors of Mexico, Peru, and Argentina through their offerings of tacos, ceviche, and empanadas.

Location: 1704 Beacon Street, Boston, MA | View Website

29. Tavern of Tales (Mission Hill)

Residing in Mission Hill, Tavern of Tales presents a unique café experience, offering a wide range of board games for guests to play while savoring delicious food and beverages. Their menu brims with offerings such as sandwiches, salads, and snacks. The snug and laid-back atmosphere makes it a fantastic spot to unwind with friends.

Location: 1478 Tremont Street, Boston, MA | View Website

30. The Anchor (Charlestown)

The adored Anchor restaurant in Charlestown takes pride in its showcase of New England seafood classics like clam chowder, lobster rolls, and fish and chips. Their nautical-themed interior and dog-friendly patio, complete with waterfront views, forms a splendid ambiance for an enticing seafood feast with Fido!

Location: 1 Shipyard Park, Boston, MA | View Website

31. Tip Tap Room (Beacon Hill)

Tucked in Beacon Hill, the Tip Tap Room stands out as a lively gastropub that prides itself on a variety of tapas-style dishes, coupled with an assortment of craft beers and cocktails. The quaint and rustic environment fosters a superb setting for a casual meal or drinks with companions, two- and four-legged.

Location: 138 Cambridge Street, Boston, MA | View Website

32. Uni (Back Bay)

Prominently placed in Back Bay, Uni is a high-end Japanese restaurant that specializes in sushi and sashimi, as well as other Japanese gastronomic delights like tempura and robata-grilled skewers. 

Location: 370 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA | View Website

33. Yellow Door Taqueria (South End)

Yellow Door Taqueria, based in South End, is an energetic Mexican restaurant known for its variety of tantalizing tacos, along with other Mexican-inspired dishes like ceviche and guacamole. The vibrant and colorful interior and outdoor area conjures a festive atmosphere, perfect for a Mexican-themed meal with your amigo canino.

Location: 354 Harrison Avenue, Boston, MA | View Website


To sum it up, Boston’s new rule permitting dogs at dining spots is a game-changer — so kick back with a cold one, chow down some great grub, and do it all in the company of your furry companion!


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