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Top Dog Friendly Things to Do in Boston

Boston, a city steeped in history and brimming with charm, is also a fantastic place for dog lovers. Whether you’re a local or visiting, you’ll find plenty of dog-friendly activities that both you and your furry friend can enjoy. 

From scenic parks and waterfront strolls to pet-friendly cafes and vibrant neighborhoods, Boston offers a variety of experiences perfect for you and your pup.


In this article, we’ll highlight some of the top dog-friendly things to do in Boston. Discover the best spots where you and your canine companion can explore, relax, and have fun together. 

Join us as we uncover the most enjoyable ways to experience Boston with your dog!

1. Polka Dog Bakery

Founded in 2002, Polkadog Bakery in Boston began with a simple mission: to create the finest treats for Pearl, a beloved one-eyed rescue dog. Today, this charming bakery continues to craft every bite with the same care and dedication, using top-quality ingredients and collaborating with local artists for their unique packaging.

Visitors can explore a variety of dog-friendly things to do in Boston, including visiting the bakery’s Fish Pier kitchen or enjoying a stroll to nearby dog parks. For a special treat, try their dog-friendly ice cream, making Polkadog Bakery a must-visit for those seeking friendly places in Boston for their furry friends.

Pet Policies and Amenities:

  • Pets are welcome inside the bakery
  • Community-oriented with regular charitable events
  • Located at the Boston Fish Pier, perfect for a stroll with your dog

Contact Number: +1 617-307-6733

Location: 256 Shawmut Avenue Boston, Massachusetts| View Website

2. Jamaica Pond

Nestled in the heart of Boston, Jamaica Pond is a serene oasis perfect for dog lovers seeking dog-friendly things to do in Boston. This pet-friendly park welcomes leashed dogs, making it an ideal spot for a leisurely stroll with your furry friend along the 1.5-mile path that circles the tranquil pond.

While there aren’t specific dog parks within Jamaica Pond, its spacious environment allows for plenty of exploration and enjoyment. The park also hosts various events throughout the year, some of which are dog-friendly, ensuring both you and your pet have a delightful time.

Pet Policies and Amenities:

  • Leashed dogs are welcome.

  • 1.5-mile walking path around the pond.

  • Scenic and spacious environment for dog-friendly activities.

Location: 507 Jamaica Way, Boston, Massachusetts| More Info

3. Belle Isle Marsh Reservation

Belle Isle Marsh Reservation, Boston’s last remaining salt marsh, is a haven for nature lovers and their furry friends. Dogs are welcome to explore the dog-friendly pathways, where you and Fido can enjoy scenic walks and spot marsh birds and other wildlife.

This pet-friendly oasis offers a unique experience to bond with your fur baby while soaking in the natural beauty. Don’t miss the opportunity to treat your pup to a sweet treat as you relax in one of Boston’s most picturesque dog-friendly places. Whether it’s a leisurely stroll or a bird-watching adventure, Belle Isle Marsh Reservation is the perfect spot for a day out with your pet.

Pet Policies and Amenities:

  • Leashed dogs allowed

  • Pet-friendly environment

Location: 1399 Bennington Street, East Boston, Massachusetts| More Info

4. Charles River Canoe & Kayak

Charles River Canoe & Kayak is the ultimate destination for outdoor adventure enthusiasts visiting Boston, especially those with furry friends. This dog-friendly establishment offers a unique opportunity to explore the scenic Charles River in a canoe, kayak, or paddleboard while your dog enjoys the ride alongside you.

Safety is a priority here, with personal flotation devices provided for both you and your non-service dog, ensuring a secure and enjoyable outing. Additionally, they offer various guided tours, including the popular Skyline Tours, which are perfect for those wanting a more structured adventure.

Pet Policies and Amenities:

  • Welcomes dogs on all rentals.

  • Dog lifejackets available at each location.

  • Dogs must not be tied to the boat.

Contact Number: (617) 965-5110

Location: 160 Riverview Avenue Waltham, Massachusetts| View Website

5. The Liberty Hotel

Located in the heart of Beacon Hill, The Liberty Hotel is a pet-friendly haven that celebrates the vibrant spirit of Boston’s Bay neighborhood. This historic gem, once a 19th-century jail, offers luxurious accommodations and unique events tailored for you and your canine companion.

Don’t miss the weekly Yappier Hour, where dogs and their owners mingle in the courtyard every Wednesday from May to October, enjoying cocktails, music, and special treats​​​​​​. Enhance your stay with the exclusive Benny’s Retreat Package, featuring a ‘Pawsome Picks’ goodie bag and a 10% off coupon for the Onyva Dog Spa in Newbury​​. Embrace the rich history and upscale amenities of The Liberty Hotel, where your furry friend is always welcomed with open arms.

Pet Policies and Amenities:

  • Dogs and cats allowed with no size restrictions

  • $100 fee per stay

  • Benny’s Retreat Package includes treats and a discount for dog spa services

  • Dog beds, bowls, and a complimentary brush and fluff session available

  • Weekly Yappier Hour for socializing with other dogs and owners

Contact Number: 617-224-4000

Location: 215 Charles Street Boston, Massachusetts| View Website

6. RUFF North End Dog Park

R.U.F.F. North End Dog Park in downtown Boston is a haven for dog lovers and their furry friends, blending an underground dog park vibe with the charm of the city. Managed by the dedicated volunteer group Responsible Urbanites For Fido, this park is all about promoting responsible dog ownership and fostering a sense of community.

The park offers dog-friendly events that include agility training sessions, seasonal celebrations, and social mixers, ensuring both pets and their owners have a fantastic time. With its dog-friendly patio areas, it’s perfect for a relaxing day out where your pet can enjoy the fresh air while you mingle with other dog enthusiasts. The park’s welcoming and respectful atmosphere makes it a standout spot for both exercise and socializing, providing a much-needed space for dogs to play and owners to connect.

Pet Policies and Amenities:

  • Dogs must be on a leash unless in designated off-leash areas

  • Dog-friendly patio

  • Pet-friendly events

Location: 135 Prince Street, Boston, Massachusetts| View Website

7. Pope John Paul II Park Reservation

Pope John Paul II Park Reservation is a hidden gem in South Boston, perfect for a day out with your furry best friend. This scenic park boasts pet-friendly trails and picnic spots, offering paved paths that meander along the waterfront, providing stunning views and a serene environment.

Whether you’re exploring the lush greenery or enjoying the open spaces, there’s plenty for you and your dog to do together. The park’s welcoming atmosphere makes it an ideal location for dog-friendly events and outdoor activities. For a more social experience, find a pet-friendly patio where both you and your pup can relax and enjoy the fresh air.

Pet Policies and Amenities:

  • Leashed dogs are welcome on all trails and picnic areas

  • Nearby dog-friendly patios for dining and relaxation

Contact Number: (617) 727-6034

Location: Hallet Street, Boston, Massachusetts| More Info

8. Bay Harbor Trail

Discover the South Bay Harbor Trail, a dog lover’s paradise stretching 3.5 miles through Boston’s vibrant neighborhoods. This walk- and bike-friendly route is perfect for exploring with your furry friend, passing through Roxbury, the South End, and South Boston.

Your dog will love the variety of scents and sights, from lush green spaces to bustling urban areas. Enjoy a meal together at one of the many pet-friendly patios along the trail, and look forward to the upcoming underground dog park near North and Fulton Streets, where your pup can romp off-leash. This trail is more than a walk; it’s an adventure tailored for you and your canine companion. Enjoy the blend of urban and natural beauty while ensuring a fun-filled day for your pet.

Pet Policies and Amenities:

  • Dogs allowed on the trail

  • Dog-friendly patios along the route

Contact Number: 617-635-4680

Location: 1 City Hall Square Room 721 Boston, Massachusetts| More Info

9. J.P. Licks

J.P. Licks, a beloved ice cream maker and coffee roaster, offers a satisfying experience for both humans and their furry companions. Known for its “Cow Paws,” a special dairy-free sorbet made with honey and peanut butter, J.P. Licks ensures that dogs enjoy their visit as much as their owners. While service animals are allowed inside, most locations feature outdoor seating areas where pets are welcome, making it one of the top dog-friendly spots in Boston.

Besides enjoying delicious ice cream, guests can relax on the pet-friendly patio, savoring the unique flavors J.P. Licks is famous for. Whether you’re stopping by for a refreshing treat or a coffee, this spot is perfect for dog owners looking for a pet-friendly outing. Enjoy your visit to one of the best dog-friendly restaurants in Boston, where your pet can savor a treat alongside you on the pet-friendly patio.

Pet Policies and Amenities:

  • Outdoor seating areas where dogs are welcome

  • Service animals allowed inside the store

Contact Number: 857-233-2771

Location: 150 Charles Street Boston, Massachusetts| View Website

Enjoy Dog-Friendly Boston Hotspots

As we conclude our guide to dog-friendly activities in Boston, you’re now set to explore the city’s many offerings with your furry companion. From charming parks and scenic waterfronts to cozy, pet-friendly cafes, Boston is a playground for both dogs and their owners.

Get ready to create unforgettable memories as you visit Boston’s best spots, ensuring a fun-filled adventure for you and your pup. Here’s to exciting strolls, exciting playdates, and all the wagging tails that make your Boston experience truly special. Enjoy every moment in this wonderful city with your four-legged friend!


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